How to look after your phone so it stays feeling brand new

If you have had your phone for a few years and it has dents, smashes and broken buttons, this is the first stage where your phone feels far from brand new. However, this no longer has to be the case as you can use a repair service to give your device a new lease of life.

We have heard excellent things about a specialist repairs team in London. With over seven years of experience they have established a unique service to fix your phone fast and to a high standard. Square Repair can help to revitalise smartphones including iPhone’s, Samsungs and Nokia’s. Find out more.

Protect your phone in style

To reduce the amount of damage that happens to our phones by accidentally dropping it, it is essential that we invest in a good quality case.

At Wrappz you can create your own tough case by including as many photos and text options of your choice for only £19.95.  Alternatively you can choose from one of your pre-designed covers. Design today.

All devices are the same

We often forget that smartphones are just like computers and both of these needs to be turned off every couple of days. Read more.

By restarting it, it allows the software to purge memory on programmes that are no longer running and to correct any glitches that can reduce performance level.

Tips to increase your phones battery life

Your phone’s battery is definitely one that seems to diminish over time, but our essential tips help to keep your phones battery healthy. Find the best mobile deals.

Tip 1:

Rather than letting your battery drain before you completely charge it, charge your phone a little bit whenever you can. Many batteries don’t respond well to being fully charged and then drained. They often work better with little bouts of charge.

Tip 2:

If you’re one who uses their phone the majority of the day, we suggest using a smartphone with a replaceable battery. There is nothing easier than removing your drained battery and replacing it with a fully charged one. Many android phones have removable batteries such as Blackberry’s.