Here’s a Complete Guide to Mobile Phone Insurance

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Insuring your mobile phone isn’t as straightforward as it seems. There are a number of issues that you can face if you don’t carefully research policies that are available or choose the right one for you. Contact us for more advice.

Our guide aims to make the entire process easier and to answer some questions that you may have.

How to know if you need phone insurance

Taking out phone insurance will be one of the cheapest insurances that you will pay for and it differs greatly compared to car and building insurance. For example, you may be rewarded from your car insurance provider for safe driving, however this doesn’t occur with phone insurance providers. Click here for phone protection.

However, if you are one that is susceptible to phone damage quite often, then you won’t face extra charges for this and your premiums won’t increase.

Types of insurance cover

There are various cover areas in each policy and it is important to clarify these with your provider so you can be sure of what your policy involves.  See more information.

The most common areas covered are:

  • Theft: often replacement costs will be met from your provider. Proof may have to be provided, for example a police report
  • Mechanical failures: this normally covers the cost if your phone is outside of its warranty
  • Abroad: some policies cover you if your phone is lost/damaged whilst away on holiday
  • Fraudulent calls: fraudulent calls can cause an increase in phone bills and this may be covered by your provider

How can you buy phone insurance?

When taking out a new contract, your phone provider will offer you insurance. However this will be much more expensive compared to looking at other providers online or on a comparison website such as Money Supermarket.

If you’re looking for a ‘full cover policy’ then we recommend using a third provider from dedicated phone insurance company, such as Love It Cover It based in Essex.

iPhone insurance from Love It Cover It starts from as little as £4.99 and differs on what you would like to be covered. View other policies.

Their main policy includes:

  1. £300 accessory cover
  2. 1 month minimum term
  3. Unlimited claims
  4. £25 excess
  5. Unlimited worldwide cover

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